Class ‘Catch-Up’ Assemblies

Starting this week (w/c 1st Feb), all classes will have the opportunity to join a virtual class assembly. These brief online meetings will be held weekly via Zoom and allow children to keep in touch with their teacher and classmates.

These meetings are not live lessons and as so attendance is completely optional. Rather, they are an opportunity for the children to see and engage with their class teacher and their peers on a regular basis, celebrate the good work being done both at home and in school, and help maintain a sense of community and belonging.

Each class will have their own time slot for their assembly (see timetable below) and these will remain the same each week.

  Wed Thurs Fri
9:15     Y2
10:15     Y1
10:45     Y3
11:30     Reception
1:30 Y6 Y4 Y5

An invitation to join the meeting will be sent to parents in advance by text via Teachers 2 Parents.

Please follow the link to read the attached Parental Guidance and Consent Letter for more information about safeguarding, expectations for student conduct and other key guidance.

Please note that by joining any virtual meeting that is hosted by the school, you are agreeing to all of the information outlined within this letter. Please read the attached guidance for further clarification and guidance on Zoom.

We will assume that if you join any virtual meeting you are aware of the information below and consent to it.

If you have not used Zoom before, a video guide to joining a meeting can be found here:

and a guide to using Zoom safely is available here:


If you have any questions or concerns then please contact school.