2016-2017 Archive


Sports Day

We enjoyed taking part in all of our sports day races.

Fruit Picking

For our summer trip our Reception class went fruit picking. We all enjoyed picking strawberries and brought back lots for our families!



The reception and KS1 children enjoying the maypole at lunchtime.


Photos of the Reception class watching the butterflies emerging from their chrysalis- fascinated!!

Healthy Eating

Photos of healthy eating in Reception class last week. We found out about foods which are good for us and not so good.

Liverpool Class Trip

We are very proud of our reception class and how they behaved on our pilgrimage to the Cathedral. We also visited the Museum of Liverpool and can now identify some Liverpool landmarks!

World Book Day:

We celebrated ‘World Book Day’ by inviting parents in to read with their children to promote bedtime reading.

Reception have been getting up to lots of fantastic things:

  • We went on a walk.
  • We explored how water travels in our outdoor area
  • We used fine manipulative skills to weave outdoors.
  • We had fun with our crates den making.

Year 1

Sports Day

We enjoyed taking part in all of our sports day races.


The reception and KS1 children enjoying the maypole at lunchtime.


During Maths Year 1 have been using cubes to make teen numbers.



During Art, Year 1 created a range of prints using a variety of printing tools.


The Naughty Bus

This week ‘The Naughty Bus’ visited Year 1. On Monday he ate the cress. On Tuesday he left a smiley face. On Wednesday he pulled the roots from a plant pot. What do you think he got up to on Thursday and Friday?



During Science Year 1 looked around the school grounds for wild plants.

Year 2

We have been very busy in Year 2 doing lots of fun things!

Sports Day

We enjoyed taking part in all of our sports day races.


The reception and KS1 children enjoying the maypole at lunchtime.

World Book Day

For world book day we read Little Red Riding Hood and wrote about the Big Bad Wolf. We really enjoyed coming to school in our pyjamas and our family coming in to read to us.

Pancake Day

Our class went into the kitchen to weigh the ingredients and make tasty pancakes. We enjoyed picking lots of different toppings to go on them!


Our topic in science is about plants. We are learning about what they need to grow. We are planning an investigation to see what will happen to the plants if we control certain factors such as water and light. We will keep you posted.


We have been learning about changes in pitch, singing and playing glockenspiel. We especially enjoyed singing and play a short tune to I want to be in a band.

Reading Party

When we have completed our reading challenge at the end of term we are invited to a party.

Writing – Little Red Riding Hood through Talk for Writing.

We enjoy doing the actions as we learn and have produced some excellent pieces of writing.


We have been looking at two topics, Emails and Code-tastic. We used the iPads to set up our own class emails and send each other emails with pictures and attachments. We also used different programs to code to change character size and movements.

Staying Safe

We have been very lucky to have Mrs Brannan come into our class and teach us how to stay safe around roads.

Staying Healthy

We enjoyed having visitors come to our class to teach us about eating healthy and how to look after our teeth.


We have been on the most magical trip to Narnia. We went to St. George’s Hall and were transported back in time as Lucy and Edmund. We got to experience going through the wardrobe and going on an adventure as one of the characters.


We have been looking at 2-D and 3-D shapes and their properties. We love playing the game guess the shape.

Great Fire of London

During our Great Fire of London topic we have painted some beautiful pictures. We used thick and thin brushes as well as different painting techniques.

Daffodil Planting

Every member of our school community planted a daffodil bulb to create a golden daffodil field at the entrance to our school.

Year 2 have been learning about Baptism during Come and See and dancing to Mozart during our Music lessons.

We have enjoyed engaging in a community of enquiry during our P4C sessions.

Year 3

DT – Making Vehicles

Here are some photographs of Year 3 making their own moving vehicles in Design Technology. They worked in groups to design and construct vehicles with axles.

Working with clay

Year 3 have been working with clay to develop their sculpturing skills.

DT – Chicken Wraps

Here are some photographs of Year 3 making Chicken Wraps in Design Technology. They really enjoyed all 4 elements of designing, creating, eating and evaluating them!

Shrove Tuesday

Year 3 enjoyed making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Not only did every child develop their cooking skills, they completed work based upon ratio in maths and instructions in English.

Daffodil Planting

Every member of our school community planted a daffodil bulb to create a golden daffodil field at the entrance to our school.

Here are some photos from a Collective Worship the children planned themselves to celebrate the end of our Come and See topic of Homes.

Year 4

Year 4 – Gardening

The children in Year 4 have been planting vegetable plants. We look forward to harvesting the vegetables when they grow.

Year 4 – Good Shepherd Mass

On Thursday 15th of June, the children In Year 4 were invited to sing at the Metropolitan Cathedral to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The children not only sang in a choir of 1000 children but they also has time to sketch aspects of the Cathedral whilst sitting in the children’s chapel.

Year 4 – Music – Lean on Me

The children enjoyed singing the song ‘Lean on Me’. We then played the glockenspiel to accompany it, following the music provided.

Year 4 – Science Projects

The children in Year 4 have produced science projects based upon organisms of their choice. They have found out about the organisms appearance, diet, habitat and young.

Year 4 Science – Living Things

During our science lessons we have been learning about living organisms and their habitats. This week, we completed a mini-beast hunt and then back in class we looked closely at the organisms we collected before returning them to their original environment.

Henri Matisse

Here are some examples of the art projects created by Year 4. The theme for these projects was the artist Henri Matisse.

Matisse Presentation by Harry

Year 4 Science trip to the Catalyst Discovery Centre Widnes

Year 4 children visited the Catalyst Discovery Centre Widnes. Before we went, we planned our visit and journey using Google Earth. The reason for our visit was to consolidate what we have been learning in science about sound.

Sound Show

The first activity we took part in was the science show, it was an interactive show and helped to consolidate the knowledge we have learnt during our science lessons.

Next, we got to go up to the observatory in the glass lift. We could see for miles. We saw: Fiddlers Ferry, River Mersey and the new bridge being built in the ‘Mersey Gateway Project’.

We then got to go into the Science Laboratory to conduct an experiment using data loggers, to see what materials sound travels through!

Finally, the children got to explore the galleries and raise scientific questions. We had a lovely day and the children were congratulated for their fantastic scientific knowledge and behaviour.

Art Project

Year 4 have finished their artwork inspired by Henri Matisse.

Year 4 Collective Worship

Year 4 completed their collective worship in front of the whole school and parents from the community. We would like to thank everybody who attended for being prayerful and respectful.

Making pancakes

Each of the children in Year 4 made a pancake. We weighed the ingredients carefully and enjoyed lots of different toppings.


The children in Year 4 have been signing Mamma Mia. To accompany the track the children played a short melody on the Glockenspiel.


Year 4 created Greek plates from clay. Once they are dry we will decorate them with images of Greek Gods.

Fun Maths

Year 4 are focusing on learning their 6 times tables. We played a game to make learning our times tables fun.


During our Come and See lessons the children in Year 4 have been learning about the Advent Wreath and the symbols that it represents.

Daffodil Planting

Every member of our school community planted a daffodil bulb to create a golden daffodil field at the entrance to our school.

Food Technology

The children have been making ‘Tuna Pasta’ during their food technology lessons. They learnt about basic hand hygiene and the importance of a balanced diet.


Google Expeditions

The children had a visit from Google Expeditions and were able to explore the landscape of Greece.

Year 4’s Collective Worship based upon the topic ‘People’


Year 5

Animate team spent the day with our Y5 class

The Animate team spent the day with our Y5 class. The children took part in confidence building activities to raise awareness of their spirituality . The theme was ‘Let your light shine’.

Y5 Worship warriors

Y5 Worship warriors taking part in drama activities to role play bible stories

Green Screen with Knowsley CLCs

Year 5 worked with Knowsley CLCs using Greenscreen to produce short news programmes reporting on what they had learnt in class about the Beowulf poem.


Wetlands Visit

We visited the wetlands in Huyton to looks for inspiration within our fiction writing.

Year 6


The whole school enjoyed an anti-bullying play. Y6 were lucky to then take part in a workshop focusing on cyber bullying.

Planting Bulbs

Everybody in school has planted a bulb to celebrate our 50th anniversary – in spring the flowers will produce a golden field to celebrate our golden anniversary.

Paralympian Visit

Music Lesson

Y6 have been rocking out and learning Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer. All the children enjoyed learning the song and playing along using the instruments.



Y6 have been working with a team of Knowsley rangers on our school field. We all enjoyed the activities and getting muddy.

Pancake Day

We all made a pancake on Shrove Tuesday. The children all measured the ingredients and followed the recipe carefully. They chose their own toppings and enjoyed eating the finished pancakes.



Year 6 have been away to Colomendy.

Harvest Assembly

The Y6 children performed a Harvest Assembly – where there was a display of vegetables – the children then chopped the veg and made soup from scratch.