2017 – 2018 Archive

Year 2

Sports Day

We enjoyed sports day today – we all won lots of stickers!

Visit from Knowsley CLCs

Children were challenged to analyse various simple computer programs in Scratch and identify the errors within the code to find a solution. Being able to ‘debug’ code is a key skill children need to develop if they are to be able to write their own code. It also demonstrates an understanding of code and computational thinking. Click below to download examples of some of the children’s work:

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

Year 2 Collective Worship

Today the Year 2 children completed a class collective worship based upon ‘Treasuring Your Loved Ones’.

Art – Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The children created art work inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. They created portraits with fruit representing facial features.

Come and See

As part of our Come and See topic, the children in Year 2 have been acting out the moment when the women went to the tomb to discover Jesus has risen as he had promised.

The Owl and the Pussy Cat

In English Year 2 have been reading the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’. We have been writing stories about the adventures of these characters. Today we had a visit from Steve the owl man who allowed us to meet his five different owls. We will now write non chronological reports using the knowledge we have gained from Steve.


Guided Reading

The children in Year 2 are enjoying reading Fantastic Mr Fox with Mrs Yates in guided reading.

Come and See – Opportunities

The children in Year 2 retold the story of Maundy Thursday and Jesus washing the disciple’s feet. They were able to describe the events and what they symbolised.

Our Day Out

The children in Year 2 went on a visit to Pizza Express and the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool.

We left school at 8.50.

We arrived at Pizza Express (Liverpool One) at 9.30. We started of by washing our hands and decorating our very own chef hat. Then we were able to roll our the base for the pizzas and place them into a baking tray. We have learnt about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet in DT so decided to make healthy Margareta pizzas. We spread the tomato puree to cover the based and added Mozzarella cheese. Our Pizzas were booked in special pizza ovens.

At 11.45 we left Pizza Express we had our photo taken in front of the Chinese lanterns at the edge of the albert Dock.

We arrived at the Cathedral at 12.00. We had a guided tour and learnt lots of interesting facts about the different chapels.

At 1.45 we were lucky enough to meet the Archbishop of Liverpool Father Malcom to present him with a Bob box created by the children of St Joseph’s.

Finally we returned back to school for home time. We really enjoyed the day and members of the public commented upon the children’s exemplary behaviour.

Everyday Materials

The children have been working scientifically to identify which material would be best to keep Traction Man (a story we have been reading in English) dry.

Science Projects

Over the final part of the Autumn term the children in Year 2 along with their families were challenged to create a science project based upon habitats. Myself and Mr Newstead were overwhelmed with the fantastic projects the children have created and we have learnt lots of new facts about animals. We are extremely proud of you all for your hard work and dedication.

Key Stage 1 Nativity – Prickly Hay!

Other Faiths

The children in Year 2 have been learning about the celebration of Shabbat. We made our own Jewish bread which is called Challah.

Self Portraits

The children in Year 2 have created self portraits using clay.


The children in Year 2 have been following instructions to create chocolate chip cookies. Tomorrow they will write their own instructions so that other children can also make cookies.

PE – Throwing and Catching

The children have been developing their throwing and catching skills during PE.

Maths – Place Value

The children completed a practical task to identify the value of digits within numbers.

Counting in Tens

The children have been counting in tens. They were able to say ten more or less than a given number.

Art – Self Portraits

The children created self portraits of themselves using art pencils. They then recreated these portraits using clay.

Geography – Fieldwork

The children worked with the rangers to create a range of different squirrel nests.

Come and See

The children performed Psalm 8_3-11 during our ‘Come and See’ lesson.


Guided Reading

Each week the children enjoy reading with Miss Hart.

Computing – Super Sci-fi

Today the children created their own digital graphics that they exported to use in a second game that they created using Sketch Nation.

Here are some examples of their work:

Year 3

World Book Day

BOB Boxes

The children and parents of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary school have been making bird or bat boxes to raise money for CAFOD.

Year 5

Worship Warriors

Well done to our Year 5 Worship Warriors who took part in an after school club then led a collective worship through drama the following week.

World Book Day

No Outsiders in Our School

Year 5 have been learning about “No Outsiders In Our School” and read The Cow Who Climbed A Tree together. We discussed what made the main character so unique and made her stand out from the crowd.

We discussed our differences as a class and talked about how they made us special.

After we read the book, we looked at the protected characteristics in the UK and discussed how and why these groups are protected by law.

Shrove Tuesday

Year 5 had a fantastic time making pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. Following a recipe, we worked together to weigh, measure, crack and mix our own Pancakes.

Our favourite parts were watching Mr Goodwin and Mr I’Anson flip them and of course eating them all!

Ranger visit

Year 5 enjoying time with the Rangers using points of a compass and maps to orienteer around the school field.

Visit from Rabbi Jeremy

We learned the importance of Passover (Pesach) to the Jewish people, and how Seder is not simply a meal but a celebration in which all members of the family are involved.

BOB Boxes

The children and parents of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary school have been making bird or bat boxes to raise money for CAFOD.


Shakespeare School Festival

The children in Year 5 and 6 took part in a drama session to support their upcoming performance of Macbeth.

French Lessons

Y5 have been lucky to receive French lessons from Ms Edwards. We have been looking forward to each of her visits to allow us to improve our French vocabulary.