Bully Busters

Who are Bully Busters?

The Bullybuster group started up in 2006 to give children the opportunity to be listened to when they feel they are being bullied, to highlight anti bullying in school and for other children in their class to have a representative to talk to. There are two representatives from each class, from year groups 3 to 6 inclusive, who are elected by their classmates. Each representative wears an official Bullybuster badge that the children designed themselves. The children attend fortnightly meetings with Mrs Tuffin our School Learning Mentor to discuss anti bullying activities, bullying incidents (if any) and any concerns they have around the subject. The children have carried out several activities such as the following:

  • Being awarded the Princess Diana Anti-bullying Award for their work in school.
  • Raising money via a cake sale to have a friendship stop in the playground.
  • To recognise anti bullying assemblies, such as cyber bullying.
  • Organising anti bullying week activities each year in school.

Why do we have a Bullybuster group?

  • To improve understanding of bullying.
  • To give children the opportunity to talk to some who will listen to them.
  • To create a feeling of belonging; encourage listening to others and develop self-confidence in this subject.
  • To improve pupil/teacher relationships.
  • For children to have a responsibility of reporting bullying and how to stop it.