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We use the Computing Curriculum produced by Knowsley City Learning Centres.  Knowsley CLCs also deliver sessions with each of our classes throughout the school year.

St Josephs Computing/CLC Report 2016/17

Year 2 Computing – Super Sci-fi

Today the children created their own digital graphics that they exported to use in a second game that they created using Sketch Nation.

Here are some examples of their work:

Computing After School Club

Knowsley CLCs are delivering a 6 week After School Club giving children the opportunity to get hands on with technology.

Please see the video below for a quick snapshot of the club:


Green Screen with Knowsley CLCs

Year 5 worked with Knowsley CLCs using Greenscreen to produce short news programmes reporting on what they had learnt in class about the Beowulf poem.

Google Expeditions

The children had a visit from Google Expeditions and were able to explore the landscape of Greece.

Yr 6 Computing Session

Year six had the opportunity to learn about our built environment and how it can help us understand so much about our history, culture and how buildings have shaped our society. We explored drawings/illustrations representing both 2D and 3D worlds. Working with Knowsley City Learning Centres the children used technology to help them bring their design ideas to life. The children used an app called Foldify to draw a house in 3D, they then printed their design out and created their 3D model. The children took their ideas a stage further by designing and building their house in Google Sketch Up, which is a 3D modelling software.  As you can see they had some amazing designs they were really proud of what they had produced….

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