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Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 webpage, we hope this page gives you all of the information about Year 6 that you need. If you would like information about anything else please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Connolly & Mrs Casson.

Summer Term in Year 6


We will be reading Sky Chasers by Emma Carroll and learning to:

  • recognise vocabulary and structures for formal speech and writing, including subjunctive forms
  • identify the audience and purpose for writing
  • choose the appropriate register
  • use semi-colons, colons or dashes to mark boundaries between independent clauses

We will also be studying non-fiction texts about flight and aviation, and Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution.


  • Properties of Shapes

  • Problem Solving

  • Statistics

We will be deepening our understanding of the properties of shapes; analysing and calculating using statistics, and using our wider mathematical knowledge and understanding when solving problems.


  • Evolution and Inheritance

We will be exploring how living things produce similar offspring with inherited characteristics, how animals and plants adapt to suit their environment, and how adaptions may lead to evolution. We will also be studying the life and work of Charles Darwin.


  • Pentecost

  • Reconciliation

  • Universal Church

We will be studying topics related to ‘Witnesses’, ‘Healing’, and ‘Common Good’.

Art & Design


We will be studying the cityscapes of Charles Fazzino and Leonid Afremov and learning techniques relating to creating layers, textures and patterns when painting, and exploring the use of silhouettes and reflections in cityscape images.


Our Local Area

We will be learning about the physical and human geography of Huyton and undertaking local area fieldwork to develop our understanding of the local economy, land use and available services.


Local History

We will be discovering the history of Huyton and exploring key events that helped change and shape our local area.


VR Worlds

We will be learning to build a virtual reality world.


Classroom Jazz 2

We will be learning to perform jazz pieces on the glockenspiel whilst developing our understanding of musical theory and notation.

Design and Technology


We will learning to work different textiles and use a range of different stitching and finishing techniques to design and make our own slippers.



We will be developing our athletics skills by practising and competing in a range of track and field events.


Health and Well-Being

We will be learning about how to look after our physical health, thinking about growing and changing; and exploring the ways of keeping safe.


  • School

  • Clothes

We will be expanding our Spanish vocabulary to include language relating to school and clothes, and continuing to develop our understanding of Spanish phonetics and pronunciation.

Curriculum information


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