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We aim to engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. As pupils progress, they should develop a critical engagement with music, allowing them to compose, and to listen with discrimination to the best in the musical canon.


Our teaching of music is supported by Charanga Music School, who provide a progressive scheme of work on which our curriculum is based, and interactive resources for vocal and instrumental tuition, and the teaching of improvisation and composition. Glockenspiels, recorders and a range of untuned instruments are used in every year group so that children are able to develop their musicianship with familiar instruments over time. Clear and well thought out sequences of learning with key assessment tasks ensure that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before. Discrete lessons are delivered with learning blocked to allow for clear progression in the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills, built on prior learning.

Each Key Stage also receives a weekly Singing and Musical Appreciation session led by specialist teacher, which focuses on developing the children’s singing whilst also widening their exposure to different styles, genres and periods of music and developing their abilities to listen and appraise music critically and coherently. Children are also provided with opportunities to experience music of a range of styles being performed live.

Knowsley Music and Performing Arts Service also provide specialist instrumental tuition enabling children from Year 4 onwards the opportunity to learn to play trumpet, flute or clarinet, and also join community ensembles outside of school.


The impact for all St Joseph’s pupils, including disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND, is that they:

  • can confidently sing and play instruments with musicality and control, both solo and in ensembles
  • can confidently recall key musical knowledge and demonstrate their understanding through clear, eloquent
  • can confidently apply the Inter-related Dimensions of Music in improvisation and composition
  • are confident in using and applying musical vocabulary


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