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If pupils are absent for a prolonged period of time or if school has to close due to corona virus, your child’s teacher has sent out  information about work to be completed and some classes have been given work packs. Please work through these as they have specific work for your child.

This information can be accessed from the links below:

Reception Class

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

In addition, there are more links to websites that have work for other areas of learning which will ensure that pupils have access to the full primary curriculum.

Oxford Owl


Now you can visit Kirkby and Prescot Museum from home. 

Road Safety

Computing Activities

Your Own Library at Home

Music Links

Team Tutti: Team Tutti is a self-guided learning experience using animated characters to deliver fun and engaging lesson content whilst promoting a deep dive into composition and technology. A series of weekly modules deliver a combination of musical concepts, creative challenges to encourage the implementation of new skills and an interactive quiz to assess learning

BBC Ten Pieces at Home: This week become a mythical warrior and practice your acting skills with a drama workshop inspired by Ride of the Valkyries from Wilhelm Richard Wagner’s opera Die Walküre.

Sing Up at Home: Sing Up at Home has themed playlists of songs to fit every mood – including songs to calm and relax you, songs to get you moving, and empowering songs to lift you up. There are also songs and activities for learning about topics and every week

EYFS/KS1 Music: National Pioneers

The United Kingdom is filled with music! Whether it’s England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, there’s a long history of traditional music and talented modern musicians. In National Pioneers, a musician from one of the four Nations tells a story about how music changed their childhood and introduces a traditional local instrument alongside one of their own songs.,0,0,0,0

Bring the Noise – Play It! Suitable for EYFS and Key Stage 1

Get started with Play It! and explore the different elements that make up a song, play or clap along with the music and make then listen back to your own version of songs. This tool is suitable for both teachers in the classroom and children to use independently.

Out of the Ark At Home: Free Singing Resources. Topical and educational songs with lyrics and additional activities.

Beat Goes On: Stomp style body percussion – episode 2! See below if you missed episode:

RSNO (Royal Scottish National Orchestra) Music Challenges: These are musical activities you can do at home with things you can find around the house – including your voice. There are 5 challenges and videos are led by members of the RSNO. They do a demonstration of each challenge and then explain how to do it.

Knowsley News: Links to online and virtual resources relating to culture and creativity for all, plus a book which is helpful in explaining coronavirus to children.

Camerata Mini Music Makers: Practical music making activities with professional musicians.  You will also learn a little bit about the instruments they play. Youtube channel or via Facebook /

  • Episode 1 Key Stage 1 Instrument – Piano. You will need a small container with a lid (butter tub/Tupperware type box), small items to put inside (rice/pasta/beads), paper and drawing things (pencils/crayons)
  • Episode 2 Key Stage 2 Instrument – French Horn. You will need Lego to build an instrument, (if you don’t have Lego you can use anything you have at home i.e. spoons on a pan, rice or pasta in a tub to make sounds.)
  • Episode 3 Key Stage 1 Instrument – Violin. You will need a piece of paper, pens or Crayons (blue/green/yellow/black)
  • Episode 4 Key Stage 2 Instrument – Tuba. You will need household objects to make different sounds (the sounds you need will be explained during the episode)
  • Episode 5 Key Stage 2 Instrument – Piano. You will need paper and drawing materials, noise makers (spoons on pans/homemade shakers)
  • Episode 6 Key Stage 2 Instrument – French Horn. You will need paper and pens, Keyboard App

Royal Opera House, creative learning at home: Lots of interesting activities, videos to watch and things to create – Suitable for ages 5 – 11.

Charanga: Charanga is a good resource and offers a free one month trial which is something that may help support you with music activities at this time. There is no obligation to buy this but if you do decide to please let me know as we subsidise this through our Arts Council grant.

Marvellous Musical Podcasts – David Walliams: There are 10 episodes looking at different composers, musicians and instruments and are delivered in a humorous and informative style with plenty of good music listening clips. More listening is available on Sound and Music on their Minute of Listening section. You can register for free to access to listening activities for KS1/KS2 to encourage discussion and reflection. They are grouped as Collections, Curriculum and Mood. The Mood section would be valuable for PSHE and mental wellbeing.

The Beat Goes On: Stomp style body percussion!

Religious Education


List of online education resources for home education

PE links

Bloomin’ Marvellous Photos for Knowsley Flower Show

Unfortunately Knowsley Flower Show won’t take place this year but fortunately, you can find a collection of beautiful images of the outdoors in the comfort of your own home with our online exhibition – which will go live over the weekend of the show, 8 and 9 August.

We want to see YOUR photos of seedlings, flowers, plants, trees, vegetables, or anything you find growing that catches your eye to be showcased in the exhibition. You can send in photos of what you’ve grown yourself or of something that you’ve found when you’re out and about.

If it’s something you’ve grown yourself, you might want to send in photos of your creation at different stages of it growing and let us know when the photos were taken. You could be growing vegetable seedlings such as tomato plants on your windowsill, in your greenhouse or even in your allotment. It’s also a good time for children to appreciate nature and be out and about so please encourage your children to get involved in gardening and growing, and send their images in too!

You could also tell us how the plant, flower, photo of nature or being in the garden makes you feel so it can be included alongside your photo. It’s no secret, gardening as well as being outdoors can have a positive effect on mental wellbeing so why not explore your community and share it with the rest of us? Of course, providing you are practising social distancing rules and sticking to government guidelines around travel.

You don’t have to be an expert in photography to get involved and the photos don’t have to be taken in Knowsley. The online exhibition is for anyone with an interest in nature or gardening to showcase what they’ve grown or found, and to share the beauty of it with others.

There are four ways to send in your photos for the exhibition:

Facebook: You can private message Knowsley Flower Show’s Facebook page with your photos and details, or reply to a comment on the page

Twitter: Post your photos and details on Twitter using the hashtag #knowsleyflowersonshow

Email: Please email with your photos and details

WhatsApp: You can also send your photos and details to 07810 054131

It would be helpful if you could include your name, what is in the image, where the image was taken, and how the image, or nature in general, makes you feel but this isn’t necessary.

How to see your photos in the Knowsley Flower Show 2020 online exhibition:

Come back to in August 2020, around the time Knowsley Flower Show event was planned to take place, to see all of the wonderful photos we’ve received.

Schools Singing Programme Daily Singing Sessions

Daily virtual singing sessions from the Diocese of Leeds Schools Singing Programme are now available at 2pm every weekday. Aimed at primary school children every session includes sacred music, RE and music curriculum learning, and lots of vocal fun and songs to keep children engaged in lifting their voices to God.  They’re led by the Diocese’s expert Choral Directors, and sessions for younger and older children are also available.

Please subscribe to the YouTube channel, found at – this is a wonderful tool to reach children and families across the country, so please share as widely as you can.



Twinkl is offering access to all Twinkl resources with a One Month Ultimate Membership, totally free of charge. Go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS.

Alphabet Workout

Alphabet workout

BBC School Radio

Some great resources here with video/audio downloads for Early Years, KS1 & KS2.

Eg – A to Z of Nursery Rhymes, Medleys, Action Songs etc
Primary Music video resources on traditional stories, themes and topics,
KS1 & KS2 Songs, again listed with themes and topics.

Blue Peter Music Badge

This is surprisingly easy to earn and the badge is designed by Ed Sheeran!


Wellbeing lessons that will be rolled out every Wednesday at 10am. All you need to do is subscribe to their YouTube channel

Home Learning Pack

ALPSIT Help with Home learning pack

Free e-Books

Follow the link below to access free e-books

Free e-books

Top Marks

Educational games, facts and activities for all ages and all subjects













Fun 3 – 7s


Fun 7 – 11s