Admission to Reception Class September 2020

The primary admissions allocation day will take place on Thursday 16th April.  All applicants, whether online or postal, will receive a letter with confirmation of their allocated primary school.  All allocation letters were sent out, by 1st class post, on Wednesday 15th April and therefore applicants should receive  confirmation of their allocation on Thursday 16th  April.  Online applicants will also receive an allocation confirmation email on the 16th April, as well as their letter.  We urge parents not to call the Admissions Team until they have received their email or letter and/or have been to the website below to see if their query can be answered there.  A lot of information and FAQs, for example regarding the appeals process, can be found on the webpage, which has now been fully updated and expanded in light of the current situation.

You will receive a letter from school in the next week or two regarding starting in our Reception class in September 2020.