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Welcome to St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Our Mission Statement
Everyone Together with Jesus

We hope that your time with us will be happy and rewarding. At St. Joseph’s we take great pride in creating a warm welcoming school. Whilst your child is with us, we shall do everything we can to help him or her develop his or her potential and ensure that the school is a happy and stimulating place.

St. Joseph’s was judged to be outstanding in all areas during two recent inspections. The school is situated in an excellent position, close to the Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park. This offers opportunities for our pupils to take part in a variety of sporting activities including swimming and BMX riding. Our pupils have also attended a range of cultural activities including pantomimes, plays and musical performances.

If you would like to visit and see at first hand all that the school has to offer please contact us and make an appointment.

You can contact the school via email using stjoseph@knowsley.gov.uk or by phone on 0151 489 4072.

Please ask for Mrs D. Ely

I can’t do it….yet !

This year at St Joseph’s we will be encouraging children to develop a mind- set that is open to challenge and not afraid of failure. We have always been focused on developing characteristics of effective learning in our children and this year we are giving this focus a greater emphasis.

We have always rewarded our children for working hard and behaving well. This year, to help them even further, we will be encouraging and rewarding children who show they can:

  • Be curious
  • Concentrate
  • Be independent
  • Be imaginative
  • Persevere
  • Make links
  • Have a go
  • Be proud
  • Be decisive


Ultimately, we are encouraging children not to think “I can’t do it” when they come across something that is difficult, but “I can’t do it yet !”

With support from our staff, parents, families and the children themselves to develop the above characteristics, we will be preparing our pupils for success.

If you would like any further information, or tips for how you can help to develop these characteristics in your child, please speak to their class teacher.


 BOB Flyer

For more information, please visit our Catholic Life Pages


Year 6 had the best attendance this week. Well done!!!


Year 1 had the best punctuality this week. Well done!!!

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