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Learning Mentors

“Here to Help”

Learning Mentors

Mrs Tuffin & Mrs Cawley

What is a Learning Mentor?

Our key aim is to work with children of all ages and abilities, to help and support them and to achieve to their full potential.

This involves us working either 1-1 individual support or groups to help, support and identify any barriers in their learning and well-being.

Children may need help and support with:

  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Difficult family circumstances
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Bullying
  • Social and emotional issues
  • Behaviour
  • Chronic/long term medical needs
  • Attainment
  • Bereavement
  • Transitioning throughout the school

Supporting children

The type of support we offer the children is:

  • One to one mentoring sessions
  • Small group sessions focusing on one particular barrier
  • Relaxation activities
  • Helping children with friendship issues
  • Liaising with parents/carers to support their child’s progression
  • Working with other agencies and professionals
  • Monitor attendance and punctuality

Supporting Parents & Carers

Working with parents and carers is an important part of the Learning Mentor’s role. We want our parents/carers to be actively involved in our school.

Support for parents includes:

  • Knowledge of courses and support available
  • Signposting to and working with other agencies to provide support
  • A supportive link between families and school

School Council & Anti Bullying Ambassadors

We also facilitate the School Council, which is represented by two members of each class from Year 2 up to Year 6. The School Council meet regular to help improve all areas of our school. Our School Councillors are also our schools Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. They help and encourage all the children to respect and value everyone’s views and opinions as well as prompt anti bullying.

Mrs Tuffin is available Monday 8:30am to Wednesday at 12pm.

Mrs Cawley is available Wednesday from 11:30am to Friday at 4pm.

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