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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 webpage, we hope this page gives you all of the information about Year 3 that you need. If you would like information about anything else please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Field & Mrs Carroll.

Spring Term in Year 3


We will be reading Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura and learning to:

  • Form nouns with a range of prefixes
  • Use present and past tenses correctly and consistently including the progressive form and the present perfect form
  • Build a varied and rich vocabulary
  • Use inverted commas to punctuate direct speech

We will also be exploring non-fiction texts about rocks and Prehistoric Britain, and reading Stig of the Dump by Clive King.


  • Multiplication and Division

  • Measurement

  • Statistics

  • Fractions

We will be developing our understanding of multiplication and division; measuring length, working with money, and learning more about fractions and statistics.


  • Forces and Magnets

  • Animals including Humans

We will be exploring forces and magnetism and learning about the functions of bones and muscles within the human body.


  • Local Church

  • Eucharist

  • Lent/Easter

  • Islam

We will be studying topics related to ‘Journeys’, ‘Listening and Sharing’, and ‘Giving All’ as well as learning about Islam.

Art & Design

Working with Shape and Colour

We will be “Painting with Scissors” be exploring collage and stencil in response to looking at artwork.


Countries of the World

We will be developing our map skills and locational knowledge by exploring the physical and human geography of a range of countries around the world.


Early Civilisations and Ancient Egypt

We will be learning about the achievements of early civilisations such as Ancient Sumer, the Indus Valley and The Shang Dynasty of China, and undertaking an in depth study of Ancient Egypt.


Dancing Robot

We will be using more advanced coding to create an interactive game


Enjoying Improvisation

We will be learning skills and techniques to support our ability to improvise when singing and playing instruments.

Design and Technology

Sandwich Snacks

We will be developing our understanding of cooking and nutrition by making healthy sandwich snacks.



We will be developing our gymnastics skills focusing on linking movements.


Living in the Wider World

We will be thinking about belonging to a community, considering issues related to media and digital literacy; and exploring the world of money and work.


  • Colours, Numbers and Shapes

We will be expanding our Spanish vocabulary to include languages relating to colours, numbers and shapes, and developing our understanding of Spanish phonetics and pronunciation.

Curriculum information


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