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Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 webpage, we hope this page gives you all of the information about Year 2 that you need. If you would like information about anything else please do not hesitate to contact Miss McDonald & Mrs Yates.

Autumn Term in Year 2


We will be reading The Owl who was afraid of the dark by Jill Tomlinson and learning to:

  • Use co-ordination (but, or)
  • Add -ly to turn adjectives into adverbs
  • Write for different purposes
  • Use commas to separate items in a list

We will also be reading non-fiction texts about owls and nocturnal animals.


  • Numbers to 100

  • Addition and subtraction

  • Money

  • Multiplication and division

We will be developing our understanding of numbers to 100, practising addition and subtraction, calculating with money, and learning more about multiplication and division.


  • Living Things and their Habitats

  • Animals including Humans

We will be investigating how living things are suited to their habitats, and learning about what animals, including humans, need to survive.


  • Domestic Church

  • Baptism/Confirmation

  • Advent/Christmas

We will be studying topics related to ‘Beginnings’, ‘Signs and Symbols’, and ‘Preparations’, and learning about Judaism.

Art & Design

Explore and Draw

We will introducing the idea that artists can be collectors and explorers as they develop drawing and composition skills.


Let’s Go on Safari

We will be expanding our knowledge of continents and countries by learning about the varying human and physical features of Africa and making comparisons between Kenya and the UK.


The Gunpowder Plot

We will be learning more about events beyond living memory with lasting cultural significance by exploring the Gunpowder Plot.


Code a Story

We will be learning to use visual coding to create an animated story.


Exploring Simple Patterns

We will be expanding our knowledge of the interrelated dimensions of music through exploring simple patterns when singing and playing instruments.

Design and Technology

Moving Mini-Beasts

We will be learning to construct sliding, lever and pivot, and wheel mechanisms as we design and make moving mini-beasts.



We will be developing our gymnastics skills focusing on spinning, turning and twisting.



We will be thinking about families and friendships, safe relationships, and respecting ourselves and other.

Curriculum information


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