Committee Overviews

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The Governing Body has established a number of committees to which it delegates day to day responsibility for the oversight of various aspects of running the school:

Performance Management / Pay Review Committee

  • Make recommendations regarding honorarium awards;
  • Undertake decisions on recommended annual salary reviews for all staff (including Headteacher);
  • Advise governing body of decisions taken within the powers delegated by providing a statement of decisions taken – having regard to confidentiality;
  • Assist in monitoring and keeping under review pay policy and make recommendations to full governing body;
  • Assist in the determination of availability of funds for pay increments.

Headteacher’s Performance Management Review Group

  • Arrange to meet with the School Improvement Partner (SIP) to discuss the Headteacher’s performance management and review in accordance with current regulations;
  • To decide, with the support of the SIP, whether targets have been met and set new targets annually;
  • Monitor throughout the year the performance of the Headteacher against the targets;
  • Make recommendations to the pay review committee (or pay review sub committee, whichever system is adopted) in respect of pay progression for the successful meeting of targets set.