Staff List

Head Teacher – Mr C. Newstead
Deputy Head teacher- Ms P. McIlroy

Reception – Mrs Clarke & Mrs Lavender
Year 1 – Mrs Field, Mrs Carroll and Miss Hanratty
Year 2 – Mr Brooks & Mrs Yates
Year 3 – Mrs McCarten & Mrs Keenan
Year 4 – Miss Jude & Mrs Brown
Year 5 – Miss McCrystal, Mr Hughes & Mr Goodwin
Year 6 – Mrs McIlroy, Mr Hughes & Mrs Casson

Special Needs Teacher – Ms V Johnson
Special Needs Assistant – Mrs G. Wagner
Music Tuition –Miss E Waldron
Music Tuition – Mr P. Nicholas
PE Tuition – Mrs J. Wilson

Learning Mentor – Mrs Tuffin and Mrs Cawley
Administrative Officer – Mrs D. Ely
Administrative Support – Mrs A. Davies
Site Manager – Mr P. Worsley
Cook – Miss J Tinsley

Mid-day Assistants – 
Mrs Cawley
Mrs D. Saunders
Mrs K. Nugent
Mrs L. Connor
Mrs Wilson