School Council

What is the school council?

The School Council started in 2006 to give children the opportunity to be listened to and make changes to improve school life. There are two representatives from each class from year groups 2 to 6 inclusive, who are elected by their classmates. Each representative wears an official `School Council` badge. The children attend fortnightly meeting with Miss Taylor our School Learning Mentor to be involved in decision making, discussions, raise concerns and feeding back to the rest of the school. This has included the following:

  • Winning a grant to have a bike shelter built for school.
  • Raising money for numerous causes.
  • Organising assemblies to tackle specific subjects.
  • Working in partnership with Healthy Schools to make dinnertimes healthier.

Why have a School Council?

  • To help children develop responsible attitudes.
  • To improve behaviour.
  • To give children hands-on experience of issues in the National Curriculum, including PSHE and Citizenship.
  • To create a feeling of belonging, encourage listening to others and develop self-confidence.
  • To support positive pupil/staff relationships.