Year 2

Other Faiths

The children in Year 2 have been learning about the celebration of Shabbat. We made our own  Jewish bread which is called Challah.

Self Portraits

The children in Year 2 have created self portraits using clay.


The children in Year 2 have been following instructions to create chocolate chip cookies. Tomorrow they will write their own instructions so that other children can also make cookies.

PE – Throwing and Catching

The children have been developing their throwing and catching skills during PE.

Maths – Place Value

The children completed a practical task to identify the value of digits within numbers.

Counting in Tens

The children have been counting in tens. They were able to say ten more or less than a given number.

Art – Self Portraits

The children created self portraits of themselves using art pencils. They then recreated these portraits using clay.

Geography – Fieldwork

The children worked with the rangers to create a range of different squirrel nests.

Come and See

The children performed Psalm 8_3-11 during our ‘Come and See’ lesson.


Guided Reading

Each week the children enjoy reading with Miss Hart.

Computing – Super Sci-fi

Today the children created their own digital graphics that they exported to use in a second game that they created using Sketch Nation.

Here are some examples of their work: