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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 webpage, we hope this page gives you all of the information about Year 3 that you need. If you would like information about anything else please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Field & Mrs Carroll.

Summer Term in Year 3


We will be reading Journey by Aaron Becker and learning to:

  • Use the present perfect form of verbs in contrast to the past tense
  • Use prepositions, conjunctions and adverbs to express time, place and cause
  • Use a or an according to whether the next word begins with a vowel or consonant

We will also be exploring non-fiction texts about plants, ancient civilisations and countries of the world, and reading The Abombinables by Eva Ibbotson.


  • Fractions

  • Time

  • Angles

  • Properties of Shape

  • Mass

  • Capacity

We will be developing our understanding of fractions; measuring mass and capacity, telling and calculating with time, and learning more about angles and properties of shapes.


  • Plants

We will be exploring plants to identify the functions of different parts of flowering plants, discover what plants need to live and grow, and investigate how water is transported within plants.


  • Pentecost

  • Reconciliation

  • Universal Church

We will be studying topics related to ‘Energy’, ‘Choices, and ‘Special Places’ as well as learning about Islam.

Art & Design

Vincent Van Gogh

We will be continuing to studying the works of impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh and applying some of the techniques he used in our own paintings.


Countries of the World

We will be continuing developing our map skills and locational knowledge by exploring the physical and human geography of a range of countries around the world.


Early Civilisations and Ancient Egypt

We will be continuing to learning about the achievements of early civilisations such as Ancient Sumer, the Indus Valley and The Shang Dynasty of China, and undertaking an in depth study of Ancient Egypt.



We will be exploring rainforests through virtual reality.


Three Little Birds

We will be learning about the features of reggae music and developing our understanding of beat, pitch and tempo.

Design and Technology

Pencil Cases

We will be working with different textiles and learning to use a range of stitches to design, make and decorate our own pencil cases.


Striking and Fielding

We will be developing our striking and fielding skills by learning to play cricket.


Health and Well-Being

We will be learning about how to look after our physical health, thinking about growing and changing; and exploring the ways of keeping safe.


  • I Can…
  • Ice Creams

We will be expanding our Spanish vocabulary to include ‘I Can…’ statements and ordering ice creams.

Curriculum information


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