Archbishop Malcolm McMahon visits Our School

As well as Liverpool FC topping the league and Everton winning the FA Cup, 1966 was a great year for another reason for the people of Huyton. St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School on Edenfield Crescent opened in 1966 and this year celebrates 50 years as a school.

Five decades ago, Colette Wilson (then Mulcahey) was among the first children to start school at St Joseph’s. Now her dad, John Mulcahey, is chair of governors. He and other governors, pupils and staff commemorated the school’s golden anniversary with mass, celebrated by the Archbishop of Liverpool, the launch of 50 balloons and a party.

Colette said that although there have been changes to the building and staff, the spirit of the school remains. “It was always a happy school with the teachers expecting us all to do our best. I remember wooden desks in rows, much bigger class sizes and the teachers including Mrs O’Keefe, Miss Beesley and the headmaster Mr Walsh.”

Archbishop Malcolm McMahon had an excellent first impression of the school and congratulated head teacher Mr Charlie Newstead and all the staff noting impeccable student behaviour and uniform along with the welcoming and positive atmosphere of the school. “St Joseph’s,” said the Archbishop, “is truly a school based on Jesus’ teaching.”

Gary Senior, the school’s Archdiocesan Officer expressed the view that “When anyone visits St Joseph’s, the children’s and staff’s love for their school and the care and support provided for each other shines through. There is a wonderful atmosphere and Christian ethos to the school where a purposeful and happy environment is in evidence everywhere you go – a truly uplifting Catholic family community!”

At the end of mass, the Archbishop thanked everyone for inviting him and said he would remember this day for a long time to come. He then joined the children to release 50 balloons, one for each year that the school had been open.

Later on, the children enjoyed a party box meal, provided free by Knowsley School Meals Service and a cup cake decorated in school colours.

Laila, a pupil in Year 4, summed up the day by saying “We had a fun, enjoyable day releasing 50 balloons, having a party box and meeting the archbishop.”